About us

We are WELLNESS REAL-ESTATE AGENCY, helping to transform indoor and outdoor environments into HEALTHY HOMES, well-being, performance and resilience by bringing together experts across the health sciences and building sciences.

Wellness architecture and design
Crafting spaces that promote health and well-being through innovative design
Sustainable building consulting
Offering expert advice on eco-friendly construction practices and materials
Amenity Planning
Designing and integrating premium facilities tailored to enhance lifestyle quality
Certification Guidance
Assisting in navigating and achieving green building and wellness certification
Hospitality Longevity Program Development
Creating bespoke wellness programs for the hospitality industry to improve guest experience
Conducting educational sessions on longevity and wellness practices for personal and professional development
Healthy Home
An innovative smart system designed to transform both your indoor and outdoor spaces into sanctuaries of well-being and longevity.
Longevity Retreat Villas
Healthy Home villas located in Uluwatu Bali. A holistic center for meditation, therapy, work, relaxation, and physical activity.
Hi-Human Summit
One of the biggest networking event in Bali, where industry leaders and tech enthusiasts come together to explore how tech will shape the world of tomorrow.
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Real-Estate Agency
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